• An update from missionaries

    Scott & Susan

    The cakes, candies, new shiny clothes, music and so forth, that accompany the big end to the month of fasting have come and gone.

    What strikes us so much this past month is how frequently God gave us interactions with the VERY person on the prayer list that day!  It shouldn't surprise us, but it's so awesome how God lines things up in ways we never could.  Each of us were able to share the True and Very Good News numerous times with friends, but also with people we'd not met before.  Many opportunities to share WHY and WHEN  we fast, and what the major differences are.

    If only we could share every beautiful conversation over this last month!  Your prayers are bearing fruit.  Thank you for persevering.  Pray that our friends here don't stop seeking righteousness and that God reveals himself to them in a personal, undeniable way.

    Because He Lives!

    Scott & Susan

  • Ed & annita hoagland

    missionaries to mexico city


    The countdown to our Summer Evangelistic event has begun.  I confess, I'm nervous and even scared.  We've been in the streets inviting people in the marketplace.  Will they show up?  We have done our part, but nothing is guaranteed.  All we can do now is trust God to bless, and work to fill the auditorium with 2,500 people and save a great number of them on Sunday night.


    Are you praying?  Somebody definitely is because all day my phone has been ringing with people wanting to know how to get tickets to our event.  As I walk through the streets, I intentionally say "hello" to everyone, even those who don't make eye contact with me, because I want to be friendly with everyone.  This morning I said hello to a lady I had never met before.  One thing led to another and i was able to give her three tickets for our event.


    Thanks for your prayers, God did His thing again and we praise Him for hearing our prayers.  We had 2,133 people show up (twice as much as last year) with 180 people calling on Jesus Christ to be their personal Savior.  It was great to have all our children, their spouses, and our nine grand children present working with us at this event!  God is Good!

    Ed & Annita Hoagland

    Mexico City