• A letter from missionary jerry daniels

    Last week, I dropped into the Orlando Ngenia Baptist Church during their mid-week prayer meeting — well, I got there early, and people were still coming.  I was headed to another place, so I couldn’t wait.  But, I asked the folks who came to step outside their new building for a photo.

    They’ve just finished this building, which replaces the old timber which had completely decayed over these 25-plus years.  Interestingly, the local school committee decided to take back the allocated land about the same time that they had to build another building anyway.  So, they bought the neighboring plot and built this fine building.  

    We were counting up the churches which have been planted out of this small country church, and came to a total of 7 so far, and over a dozen men in ministry all over Kenya!

    The building which pastor David Janney and you all built over 25 years ago has been quite a fruitful investment!

    With Gratitude,

    Jerry Daniels

  • Greg Lyons, global surge video update

    Lots of great things going on in the Philippines and Cambodia. 25 churches planted, over 10,000 kids going to summer camp, and over 49,000 made decisions to follow Christ.

    To hear more, watch the video by clicking on this link