• An update from teresa hugill

    Our most recent trip to visit and work at the mission in La Montagne, Haiti, was very busy and productive.  Pastor Lionel and Francette Frederick continue to serve tirelessly in ministry at their church, school, and in partnership with "A Child's Hope", managing the children's home.  Our supportive activities for our Christian brothers and sisters included contiued mentoring of our nurse provider, discipleship, assisting with a building project and providing a ladies retreat for the community.

    Our team was very diverse and the Lord allowed each of the twelve travelers to find just the perfect area to serve in support of our Haitian brothers and sisters.

    The children's home is thriving.  Already caring for six children (most with physical and/or mental challenges), they have taken another abandoned baby, little "Raleigh".  He was just left on the doorstep of the home.  Most of the children face various challenges from HIV, abuse, malnutrition, etc.

    Thanks and blessings to everyone for your continued prayer and support of the wonderful people of La Montagne, Haiti and Samaritans in Action.

  • jerry & sherry daniels

    missionaries to kenya


    We've made it through the Kenyan elections.  Unfortunately many souls were lost.  Please continue to pray with us as our 100+ churches of our Fellowship in Central and Northern Kenya, endeavor to be a lighthouse for reconciliation in the midst of bitterness and hopelessness.

    The best hope for Kenya is the emerging new generation of youth.  They can do what politicians can never do!  So there is cause for optimism in Kenya - even during these dark days of political and ethnic tension.

    Pastor Dustin, and OBC, your financial contribution each month is appreciated so very much!  Your selfless efforts help us reach Kenya for the Gospel.  We are so thankful for you at this special tiem of year.

    In His wonderful grace,

    Jerry & Sherry Daniels