Advent 2018

Gather around and read God's story of compassion, one day at a time.  Then go and do the suggested  activities and live out your own story of compassion as a family.

  • December 1

    A young couple, Mary and Joseph, get engaged.

    Advent: Tape change to a vending machine for someone else to find (Surprise!)

  • december 2

    One day, God sends the angel Gabriel to Mary.  He has some very special news!

    Advent: Help your child buy their favorite book to donate to a children's hospital.  (Stay for reading tie if you can.)

  • december 3

    Mary is greatly troubled when she hears the angel's greeting.

    Advent: Pay for the person's order behind you in the drive-thru.  (Being sneaky while doing good is fun!)

  • december 4

    Gabriel responds to Mary: "Don't be afraid; God is very happy with you!"

    Advent: Send cards to serve men and women who are serving overseas.  (Long-distance Christmas cheer.)

  • December 5

    Gabriel tells Mary the special news:  She will have a baby boy, and He will be named Jesus.

    Advent: Donate new toys to a local charity that provides for families in need.  (Visit for some great info.)

  • december 6

    Gabriel shares more details of God's plan with Mary: "Jesus will be great and will be called God's very own son."

    Advent: Help someone do a chore or other job.  (And sing Christmas carols while you work.)

  • december 7

    Mary doesn't understand how she can have a baby without being married, but the angel Gabriel assures her of a great truth: Nothing is impossible with God.

    Advent: Donate non-perishable food or toiletry items to your local food bank or volunteer to sort donated items.  (Spread that Christmas cheer.)

  • december 8

    "I serve God with my life and want all that you have said to happen," Mary tells the angel, and he leaves.

    Advent: Give Christmas candy attached to a gift card for lunch to your mail carrier.  (They give to you every day.)

  • december 9

    Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth and is so overwhelmed with God's goodness that she sings a song of praise.

    Advent: Send some Christmas love to a child in another part of the world.  

  • december 10

    Caesar Augustus wants to know how many people are in his empire, so he tells all the people to go back to their hometown to be counted.

    Advent: Donate books you no longer need to a local school.  (you'll be giving the stories a second life.)

  • december 11

    Joseph takes Mary, who is pregnant, to his hometown of Bethlehem to be counted.

    Advent: Donate pet supplies to an animal shelter.  (Animals need compassion too.)

  • december 12

    While Joseph and Mary are in Bethlehem, the time comes for the baby to be born.

    Advent: Donate coats you've outgrown or blankets you don't need.  (Warmth is a wonderful gift.)

  • december 13

    Mary gives birth to Jesus, wraps Him in swaddling cloths and lays Him in a manger because there was no roomfor them anywhere.

    Advent: Make room for your neighbors by choosing a night to invite just one neighbor family over for coffee and dessert.

  • december 14

    At night in a nearby field, shepherds are watching their flocks.

    Advent: Give candy canes to the residents at your local nursing home.  (hugs are a welcomed bonus.)

  • december 15

    The sky lights up - God has sent an angel to the shepherds to tell them the good news.

    Advent: Donate a pair of new Christmas pajamas for a foster kid. (Choose the coziest, snuggliest ones.)

  • december 16

    When the shepherds see the angel, they're afraid!

    Advent: Drop some money in the Salvation Army bucket.  (Make the bell ring!)

  • december 17

    The angel tries to calm the shepherds:  "Don't be afraid - I bring wonderful news that will bring joy to all of the world!"

    Advent: Make a Christmas card for someone who needs a little cheer.  (Add glitter for more cheer.)

  • december 18

    "A Savior - the Rescuer you have been waiting for is born today!"  the angel proclaims to the shepherds.

    Advent: Take coffee or a favorite soda to your teachers.  (Christmas caffeine.)

  • december 19

    The angel explains that the shepherds will find the baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.

    Advent: Leave some Christmas candy with a thank you note for the garbage crew. (or anyone else who cleans up after you.)